Hi there, welcome friends! I am so excited you are here. I'm a journaler...I love taking Pen to paper (even though I am absolutely terrible with grammar, spelling and punctuation BUT I'm an artist not an author for a reason-HA!). ANYWAYS....

Here's a peek into why I do what I do. You could say it's a peek into my "journal" which is basically a peek into my raw unfiltered thoughts, feelings and soul. 

Really, what I pride myself In, is capturing genuine emotions and I have a documentary approach to photography. You get timeless photos that capture the essence of who you are or who your family is!

 It's the little moments that mean the very most to me when I'm photographing families. It is the giggles, the cuddles, it's the hugs and the laughs. These moments intertwined together make the most special memories. People often ask why I don't do the typical "posed" photographs. I find my self wondering why I don't conform to the usual looking at the camera photographs. And I guess, I like my images to tell a story. I want your session and gallery to unfold before you and to tell of our time together. I want you to be able to piece together Portraits that you can arrange in a way to make a wonderful wall collage, Photobook, or special photo album...That to me is timeless.

As a little girl I realized that you only have right now, and that you don't know what the next day is going to bring. I had no idea that i was going to wake up and my family was going to be dissolved into a new kind of family; I didn't realize that may have been my last time with my whole family. 

I want to freeze time for you.

When you see your senior photos I want it to show YOU; your smile, the dimples your mom loves, the freckles, the laughs, your beautiful eyes. I want create timeless, fun dynamic photos for you. 

Life is full of the world pushing perfection on us. Is our hair perfect, is our make up just so, our we thin enough...etc etc...Thats not real and thats not what life is. So no I don't photoshop out every little fly away from your hair because thats not real, thats not what I want my pictures to be about! 



This is what Images By Amber is all about: evoking feelings and preserving memories.

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