"Own Who You Are"

Calvin took a job as a Junior High Youth Pastor and it has been nothing short of a blessing. It has been a rollercoaster fll of laughs, tears and many many prayers, but it has been nothing short of amazing! We were hanging out at the church and me and 6 of my 6th grade girls decided to snap some headshots of them...Can you believe they are 11 and 12yrs old? Gosh...everyone *sigh*...unbelievable I know, right? They amaze me! Anyways, but we stressed the importance of "Owning who you are" and Owning who God made you to be. We stressed the importance on positive self image and really embracing the beauty we behold, the beauty that god gave us, and most importantly embracing the different "looks" we all have and how each person is beautiful in their own special way. So Here are some of my 6th grade girls Owning who they are!