Ty & Elizabeth | Engaged Part 1

It's funny, I met Liz in college, she was roomates with a friend of mine, and I felt so flattered when she asked me to capture their special day, which then means that I got to capture their engagement photos! They are so sweet and so insanely in love. I can't wait till September Liz and Ty! :) 

Here's Their Love story:

"How We Met:

I was working at Toby Hill Bar & Grill, while finishing my Accounting degree at Clarion University. He had finished his Management Information Systems degree at Penn State and was back in town. He would come in Thursday nights with his friends for Wing Night. I would always try to wait on their table so I could get just a few words in. I finally told a couple of my friends that I was crushing on him, even though we didn't speak a lot yet, I thought he was dreamy. The word got out and Ty asked me on our first date. We had dinner at Luigi's in DuBois and we became official February 27, 2011.

A year later... February 10, 2012:

He proposed!!!!!!! He planned a romantic weekend getaway to Holiday Valley. We arrived Friday night and got our lift tickets and skis. I was really excited and didn't want to start out on the beginner slopes so we went down Mardi Gras. Halfway down the hill I couldn't stop and went tumbling head over heels. Ty was scared to death, he was certain I had broken a bone. I got up dusted off and proceeded to walk the rest of the way down the hill, after popping my skis off, I was terrified! Ty insisted we go back over to the bunny slope so he could teach me how to stop and ski more controlled.

After a few trips down, he came up with the idea we should race. I was thinking yeah right, did you just see me roll down the hill?! I accepted his challenge and we took off. He beat me to the bottom and when I made it down to him he was on one knee holding a glowing ring box. I was speechless and in tears when he asked me forever, ever, and always. I said YES!

Two & a half years later... September 13, 2014: We will say I do in a little white church in Hamilton, PA. Our honored guests will help us celebrate being Mr. & Mrs. Ty Kepler for the first time! I couldn't ask for a more dreamy, caring, loving, helpful, supportive, handsome, amazing, best friend to spend the rest of my life with. Forever, ever, and always."