Mitch & Kayla | IU Engagements

Kayla's Story...

"In the Fall of 08, I had an 8am class with a professor that very closely resembled Santa Claus (we're still not sure that he isn't the real deal) and I always sat in the 2ndish row. Without fail, there was always this kid that would sit directly in front of me and would NEVER stop talking. One day, when I was leaving class (in Ballantine Hall) and walking to another (in the HPER building), I saw this guy walking on the sidewalk who was in the next class with me. He had on his IU football sweatpants and probably matching t-shirt and back pack and he was SO CUTE! I remember thinking I didn't know what to say to him so, instead, I walked as fast as I could past him on the side walk and kept my head down. By the time I got up the huge ramp to enter the building, I was sweating and out of breath. I had a little time before my next class so I went and sat at a desk in a tiny hallway that people used to sit at and study in the HPER building. Just as I sat down, the same guy I just blew past on the side walk is at the end of the hallway walking toward me. So, of course I start freaking out but play it cool and just pretend to be studying. He kept getting closer and closer and I thought for sure he was going to walk right past me and then all of the sudden he stopped and said "Hey, are you in that class too?" I turned around and said "Yeah, I'm Kayla! What's your name?" And with the cutest grin while sticking his hand out he said, "Mitchell." To which I replied, "Mitchell...Can I call you Mitch?!" And he just laughed at me and that was about the extent of the conversation before continued to walk down the hallway. 

All day, I remember thinking about how cute I thought this Mitch guy was and told a few of my friends about him, so of course... we tried looking him up on Facebook, but if you know Mitch at all, you know that he doesn't have one! The next time we had our 8am class I remember walking in and seeing Mitch sitting in a row by himself (probably sleeping) and I was about to walk past him when God gave me a shove and I looked at Mitch and blurted out (in my Forest Gump voice, I'm pretty sure), "Is this seat taken?!" Luckily, he didn't think I was too crazy and let me sit next to him. I remember going home one weekend not long after that and telling my mom about Mitch and telling her that I was going to "marry this kid," before we even started dating.

One day right before Thanksgiving Break, Mitch sneakily asked for my phone number and he quickly became one of my best friends. I waited what felt like FORRREVVVER for him to ask me out on a date (we went to see the first Transformers move) and then finally on September 9th, 2009, he asked me if I would be his girlfriend. To which I immediately said yes! After that, it's pretty much history... :)"

Mitchell's Story....

"Every 8am class in college seemed like a grind and Santa's class was no exception. One day after looking down to see who the guy was that kept distracting everyone by talking nonstop, I realized there was this beautiful girl sitting behind him. When class ended I exited the building out the back room and realized the girl from class was doing the same, so I purposely walked extra slow to give her the chance to catch up and talk to her about…class??? To my surprise, she went FLYING by me like Usain Bolt racing for gold! I remember laughing to myself thinking how that didn't work out at all like I had imagined and wondering where the heck she was going to in such a hurry. So I continued on to class, only to find the same girl sitting in the hallway of the HPER (I guess she just really wanted to sit in that hallway). Okay, my second chance, here we go! When I got closer to her, she turned to me with the biggest grin on her face. I introduced myself to her as "Mitchell" to which she quickly replied with "Nice to meet you Mitch! Can I call you Mitch?" I was thinking "absoolutellyy" :). 

The next class with Santa I was extremely early (like always), and about to fall asleep, when I saw Kayla walking up to the seat next to me. She asked if the seat was taken. Again, with that big grin on her face. Turned out, we both hated that class, but every class for the rest of the semester we sat right next to each. It became one of the things I looked forward to the most every week. 

I would eventually get Kay's number (probably waited a little too long on that one, but I got it!) and we became best friends. Come summer, we had our first date to go see the movie Transformers 2 or Revenge of the Fallen. Don't let her tell you it was the first transformers, she always does, but it must have went really well because we have been inseparable since. I have never loved her more than I do now and I am so glad she doesn't walk that fast in real life."

The Proposal Story...

"I (kayla) was in Chicago visiting some of my girl friends for the weekend which also happened to be St. Patty's day weekend (Laura's favorite holiday), so Laura, Amy and I we were out celebrating ALL day on Saturday. After a day full of festivities, we decided to go back to Laura's to freshen up before dinner and meeting her parents for drinks. At about 5 o'clock, we hopped in a cab and the cab driver was not really up to Laura's standards and I could tell that she was getting really frustrated with his driving skills (or lack there of). Little did I know that we were on a timeline and I had a huge surprise waiting for me. After about 30 minutes, we arrived at the Planetarium, where I thought we were meeting Laura's parents for drinks before we met up with our other friends, Steph & Kristen for dinner. We got out of the cab and Laura started walking around while she was talking to her mom trying to figure out where to meet her parents. The scenery was gorgeous...with the city in the background and the water right behind us...Amy and I obviously took a few selfies, while Laura kept wandering around. After about 10 minutes of Amy & I complaining about Laura making us walk all over in our heels, she made us follow her around the building and get down on the sea wall next to the water....yeah, questionable, right? We thought it was just Laura being Laura so, of course we went along with it,, and that's when I saw Mitch standing there on the sea wall and in an instant, I knew what was happening. When I got close enough to see him, I skeptically said... "What are yooooou doing here?" He grabbed my hands (I immediately started ugly crying like Kimmy K) and said so many heart felt things, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. :) I'm not an easy person to surprise and I had absolutely no idea that Mitch and Laura had planned the entire thing. It was absolutely perfect."-Kayla

Kayla + Mitch I am SO excited for your wedding, your love just radiated through our whole time together! Enjoy your preview! 

Love is so Sweet....




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