The Wallgren Family

      Last Evening I had the absolute priviledge to photograph the sweetest family. If you knew me at all you knew I used to hate photographing families; but NOW I find them WONDERFUL, magical, messy, beautiful and absolutely chaotic. The moments you get to capture, the time you get to spend with sweet families, the way you get to reassure the moms that YES all families have their "moments"! I think thats why I love photographing them...there is beauty in the chaos. I say let the kids be little, let them BE them. If you want posed, traditional family photos then I don't think I am the right photographer for you. I love the imperfections of families. I Don't think I truly ever explained my "motto" Evoking Feelings & Preserving Memories...And THAT is what I got to do last night! I got to evoke feelings and preserve memories for this beautiful family!

If you know the wallgrens at all you know how simply wonderful they are. to know them is to LOVE them. They are the real deal. I truly do not think I can put into words how great they are so instead here are photos from their session with me.  And truly consider to yourself are you preserving moments in your families life? :)