The Lewis Family

It's the little moments that mean the very most to me when I'm photographing families. It is the giggles, the cuddles, it's the hugs and the laughs. These moments intertwined together make the most special memories. People often ask why I don't do the typical "posed" photographs. I find my self wondering why I don't conform to the usual looking at the camera photographs. And I guess, I like my images to tell a story. I want your session and gallery to unfold before you and to tell of our time together. I want you to be able to piece together Portraits that you can arrange in a way to make a wonderful wall collage or Photobook, or special photo album...That to me is timeless. 

The sweet Lewis family let me do just that. They let me tell THEIR story in photographs! I hope you enjoy their session and getting to know them they way I did! 



And in 37 minutes everything changed...

37 minutes. 37 minutes is all it took for my life to change, for something so small to come into your life and completely uproot everything that you've ever known. I imagined her face, I imagined her smell, her hair, her eyes, her lips. She came out even greater than I could ever imagine. Our Sweet Piper Quinn...

Here is a small peek in side my soul for a second...

Meaningless, that is the one word that ran through my mind during those first hours. I thought that I would feel that my life was meaningless before I met my sweet piper. But on the contrary, if anything who i was BEFORE piper has as much purpose as who I am now. I am not going to lie to you though I had this great fear that i would lose who I am as a person and individual after I had her. But if anything Being a mom has taught me so much more about who i am as a person and Christ follower. Piper makes me a better person. She helps me daily practice the fruit of the spirit.  You see, I wear many hats, and now I get to add mother to that list.. 

in 37 minutes our world and our hearts got a little bigger; Piper Quinn came in calm, quiet but fierce. I hope her spirit continues to radiate those traits. The peace I felt during that whole experience was something I never will forget. I only felt that wave of peace and calmness one other time and it was calvin and I's wedding day, so if that wasn't gods way of reassuring my anxious heart then i truly do not know what is....

I thought about how I would even begin to share this part of our story 

I thought about who would even CARE to hear it...

So I am going to do what I do best use images to speak for me, to tell our tranistion into this new life with our little girl! 

Introducing our sweet Piper Quinn

Thank you to my sweet photog friend sarah for caputring our birth for us!


Thank you to my sweet mom for capturing the three of us before we left the hospital!

Thank you to my sweet mom for capturing the three of us before we left the hospital!