indianapolis senior photographer

Alex Wendt | Zionsville High School Senior 2017 (SpokesModel Promo Shoot)

Senior year is beyond a magical time. It's full of, Wonder, dreams, Faith, hope, stress, chaos and seeking more deeply for your identity. Senior year, is full of change, of decision making, of seeking more independence, it's full of new beginnings but it's also full of "lasts" and endings of all we knew for the last 12 years in the school system.

I love photographing seniors. 

There is this ALIVENESS and INDIVIDUALITY in them. They have passions and Dreams unscorched by the harshness of life. They have wounds and stories. They have lived and experienced a lot,  YET have SO MUCH MORE TO LEARN, LIVE AND EXPERIENCE. 

Seniors Bring out this creativity in me and my business...they stretch me to go beyond the conventional. They bring fashion, personality and their spirit with them to their shoot. THEY LOVE THE SHOOTING EXPERIENCE. THEY LOVE PLANNING AND COORDINATING THEIR "SPECIAL" EXPERIENCE. I love that. wouldn't you? High school can leave you feeling on top of the world yet so alone and so unloved and unworthy. Girls can be mean and Boys can be well Boys. And that can leave a person feeling, not enough! The senior portrait experience allows you to see yourself truly how you are...preserving YOU in this huge milestone moment in your life. It allows you to feel and see truly how beautful you are INSIDE & OUT! I Love the moment my girls see their pictures. I love how they feel during the whole experience. It makes my heart SOAR. 

The other evening I had the chance to photography Alex. I also had the pleasure of doing hair and make-up also for this sweet girl and I think one of my favorite parts about doing makeup for them is you get to talk and connect with them. I love hearing about their dreams and not only what they are envisioning for their shoot but for their future!! Alex, you're beautiful inside and out!

I can just see her and who she is and her soul in these pictures. I hope you can too. and I hope these photos take you back and help you remember that time in your life.